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Targeted print and online marketing options to help clients reach seniors, Baby Boomers, and students

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Lead Generation for businesses looking to target seniors and Baby Boomers

Targeted Print & Online Advertising

 We help our advertising clients focused on targeted demographics going through major life transition by getting them exposure with a long term use, localized print guide, high ranking websites, and active social media. In addition, our written request distribution method is one of a kind.

Our goal is to go the extra mile to create added value for our clients whenever we can. 

Over 20 Years of Targeted Marketing Experience

JR Media is truly all about researching our readers and online visitors to learn what they want in terms of quality content and resources; reaching out to individual communities within the metropolitan areas for which we publish to understand their very localized needs; and, most importantly, understanding and partnering with our advertising and marketing clients to ensure we comprehend their current marketing strategy so we are able to contribute to their prosperity and success. We provide free graphic design services for both the print and online guides.

With us, you aren’t just getting an advertisement; you get an ongoing marketing services partner across the continuum of media options. 

Why Choose JR Media?

Whether you advertise with the Senior Citizen's Guide or Student Guide, there are unique benefits to choosing JR Media:

Written Request Distribution

Guide Book Format with Long Shelf Life for Repeated Exposure 

Included Online Exposure on Our Sites and Social Media Sites

Free Artwork Design Services

Annual or semiannual rates cover both print and online advertising at the lowest per prospect cost compared with similar media options


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Print & Online Guides for Seniors and Students

Senior Citizen's Guide with "Boomers Resource Guide"

Celebrating 30 years of publication, the print/online semiannual Senior Citizen’s Guide and its special supplement, “Boomers Resource Guide”, focus on the lifestyle needs of the 55+ population in cities such as Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Metro Detroit, N. Jersey, S. Jersey, Connecticut, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Chicago, and many others. 

Student Guide to Pittsburgh

Student Guide to Pittsburgh

Celebrating 40 years of publication, the annual Student Guide to Pittsburgh's print/online guide is given out by university departments to new students to the area (graduate, transfer, international, incoming freshmen). 

Digital and Online Marketing

Online Only Advertising

Online only advertising options are available on SeniorCitizensGuide.com and SeniorCitizensguide.com. Call for details.

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